THIS is Why You Want to Grow Your Cannabis In Smart Pots- And How to Make Your Own

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It is important to understand the reasons you might consider using a smart pot for growing cannabis. There are legitimate circumstances that would require it. In this video we will cover the ones that have the most impact on how you decide to grow.

Reasons range from:

1. Renting and not owning the land you are occupying
2. You don’t plan on settling down and want to take your soil and pots with you
3. Poor soil quality in the ground at your location
4. No backhoe access to dig holes

We have found that if you are going to use smart pots, then you might want to consider making your own. It is easy, affordable, and the DIY design is more optimal for longer term growing, as the open bottom design does not create salt accumulation (a side effect of commercial smart pots).

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