Preparing the Dirt Mix #2 November 6, 2019 Growing Marijuana for Fun

I have folks ask me how I grow such Big Buds; such Potent Buds! Well it starts at the beginning and you need to do the very beginning right! It is boring and is a dirt and mixing in the amazing secret ingredient part. Yes I do have a SECRET INGREDIENT and it is a major reason I can grow 3 foot super potent, BAD ASS FUCKING BUDS. This video shows everything you need to know about my plant starting. This gives you the best start I know of doing for a indoor 5 gallon bucket grow. A good start is such a Good Idea when growing marijuana.

Banking after 2008 & a Solution for the Common Man

Could These Simple Changes to Banking Fix the Economy?

The Federal Reserve is a Criminal Organization Owned by Evil World Elite

No More War. No More War. No More War. No More War.

Reefer Madness full 1936 Movie

Reefer Madness Colorized & Restored

US nuclear codes should be kept in the chest cavity of a volunteer who accompanies the president at all times, so that the impersonal decision to kill millions in a nuclear launch would first have to go through the personal decision to kill a close acquaintance and cut his chest open.

Nuclear Bug Killer concentrate $10 Makes 4 gallon

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Oregon Wild Flowers against Nuclear Weapons September 14, 2018

No More Nuclear Weapons
7 Minutes of Good News & live Rock Music

State Rules for Recreational Growing of Marijuana in Oregon

Oregon has a Oversupply of Marijuana

Monsanto & Bayer plan on taking over the marijuana business worldwide 🙁

Monsanto and Bayer are Maneuvering to Take Over the Cannabis Industry

Nuclear Weapons are
Criminal Weapons
Crimes Against All Life Upon
Mother Earth

Nuclear Weapons are a very bad idea for humanity

Mini low watt high absorption, focused LED, Flex, grow light fixtures using mini LED high absorption technology. We wish to be the lowest cost to run, lowest heat output for harvest yield, easiest to move, and most plant absorbent apartment closet grow light system in the world.

The world’s most economical, Low Heat, Full Spectrum grow system to run, operate and maintain. Mini low watt high absorption, focused LED grow light fixture using mini LED high absorption technology.

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