Organic Hydroponics for Growing Cannabis; 20′ Biogarden

Soilless cannabis growing setup in legal growing state. This is a three level Biogarden, 20 feet long with dual sets of tanks and grow beds. Total grow area is 120 sq ft with 60 SF in upper level and 60 SF in lower level. Tanks may be used for nutrients when growing purely hydroponics and/or fish with aquaponics or bioponics. Ideal for growing heavy feeding, deep rooted plants on upper level with media beds. Mid level for deep water culture of microgreens, hemp greens, or for raising duckweed to feed fish on lower level when using bioponics or aquaponics approach. No need for coco coir, peat moss or other soilless aggregate that require replacing when using bioponics approach and feeding beds with rich blend of organics.

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