Grow Patio Update June 15, 2019 Growing Marijuana for Fun & Relaxation

Peace & Love Not War

My 135 watt rated bulbs are actually pulling 80 watts

My 165 Watt rated bulbs are actually pulling 90 watts

Interesting. Much more economic then I even thought. These Lights Grow Big Buds. Big Very Potent Buds!

I developed and put these together to be the most economic closet grow in the world. I thought they could be at the watts I had been giving out as their operating watts. Now it turns out that I was off 55 watts on my 135 watt fixture. That does not sound like much; but is huge; That is a 69% mistake. which means that at 80 watts my fixture is the most economic in the world. This exact fixture grew my Snoop Dogg Big Buds. I will include a link. Fucking Snoop Dogg Big Buds! Grew with this 80 watt LED Light! No Shit! Worlds most economic closet Grow Light! Damn Right!

80 Watts Grows Big Big Buds!

I know you will be saying that my Snoop Dogg light configuration was radical and that I cheated by having such a cool Super Flex system that had octopus arms and directed the light directly on these Super Big Fucking Buds; right? I plead guilty. My light system is the very best in the whole world. It Flex’s and responds to your exact marijuana Bud growing needs.

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Reefer Madness full 1936 Movie

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Oregon Wild Flowers against Nuclear Weapons September 14, 2018

No More Nuclear Weapons
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State Rules for Recreational Growing of Marijuana in Oregon

Oregon has a Oversupply of Marijuana

Monsanto & Bayer plan on taking over the marijuana business worldwide 🙁

Monsanto and Bayer are Maneuvering to Take Over the Cannabis Industry

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Nuclear Weapons are a very bad idea for humanity

Mini low watt high absorption, focused LED, Flex, grow light fixtures using mini LED high absorption technology. We wish to be the lowest cost to run, lowest heat output for harvest yield, easiest to move, and most plant absorbent apartment closet grow light system in the world.

The world’s most economical, Low Heat, Full Spectrum grow system to run, operate and maintain. Mini low watt high absorption, focused LED grow light fixture using mini LED high absorption technology.

All items are shown on the videos. I am using all the products in the grow closet and all are performing in very good fashion.

This package is ready to grow marijuana, just add excellent dirt, worm castings and a marijuana plant.

Superflex, State of the Art Full Spectrum LED Bulb system. The bulbs are individual and screw into the base like a regular light bulb. Super easy to change. The bulbs are rated for long life and use mini tech LED advanced technology. $400 for ready to go base, LED’s and flex rods sold separate.

Note: fixture can include the grow lights, articulated fixture with on off switch (can be converted to hang on the wall), a eight foot lift, 1/8 braided polypropylene rope and carabiner pull raise system height adjuster, a 2 outlet, heavy duty 24hr timer, a clip on electric fan, and a temperature and humidity monitor: $50 with light purchase.

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