600W Hydroponic DWC Cannabis Grow – 23oz Harvest

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Strains: Blackjack & Wonder Woman

Grow medium: Hydroponics / top-fed DWC (deep water culture)
Grow Light: 600W HID
-Metal Halide (MH) bulb in vegetative stage
-High Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulb in flowering stage

4’x4’x7′ tent

Nutrients: General Hydroponics Flora Nutrient Trio
Additives: Aquashield (root health)

June 16, 2013 – Seeds sprouted
August 22, 2013 – Switched to 12-12 flowering light schedule
November 19, 2013 – Harvested

Vegetative Stage: 67 days (2 months, 6 days)
Flowering Stage: 89 days (2 months, 28 days)

Total Time – Seed to Harvest:
156 days (5 months, 3 days)

Final Yield
23.09 oz

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